Budget-Free Wealth Building with

A workshop designed to help you achieve your financial goals on autopilot using a Smart Money Management System™



‘Smarter Money Management’ Training (value $297)


‘Map Your Money’ Training (value $297)


‘Systemize for Success Training (value $297)


BONUS #1: Best Banks & Accounts Guide (value $97)


BONUS #2: Money Mapping Toolkit (value $197)

Total Value: $1,185

Today’s Price: Just $37


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I'm tired of "get rich quick" advice. How is this different?

This definitely isn’t that! If you’re like me, you’re tired of people selling too-good-to-be-true promises and complicated money strategies. The truth is that there’s a simpler path to wealth, and as women of color, we DESERVE to be on that path. The first step is getting our money to do what we tell it to do, and the easiest way to tackle that is through a Smart Money Management System™. That’s what we’re going to be working on together in this workshop.

How is the content in this workshop different from Financial Freedom Accelerator (FFA)?

In FFA, we walk through five key milestones on the road to financial freedom and the third milestone is all about streamlining our money management. I created this workshop to share a critical tool we use, the Smart Money Management System™, because with this system in place, all of the other aspects of financial planning become so much easier! (If you’d like a deeper level of support, apply to join us in FFA here: 

Is this an investing class?

Budget-Free Wealth Building is all about setting up a smart system to manage your money. With this system in place, achieving other goals (like investing) becomes so much easier. While this isn’t an investing class, we will discuss how to use an investment account to fuel a financially free lifestyle.

How long will this take to complete?

This workshop is designed to get results FAST. You can complete all three trainings in about an hour and have everything you need to get your system up and running. Depending on what additional accounts you need to open, you can have the system fully operational in a matter of days.