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the black girl’s guide to financial freedom

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Are you tired of spinning your wheels following financial advice that leaves you feeling broker than before? Are you pulling your hair out trying to follow the complicated instructions offered by the gurus? In The Black Girl’s Guide to Financial Freedom, Paris Woods takes the guesswork out of wealth-building and presents a plan that anyone can follow.

Relatable guide to build wealth

With actionable advice on buying a car the smart way, going to college debt-free, investing, and achieving financial freedom via different paths, relatable guide will teach you how to build wealth and live life on your own terms.

—Kristy Shen, co-author of Quit Like A Millionaire

The roadmap to mastering your money

With practical advice and a solid dose of big sister wisdom, Paris Woods shows you how to check your financial assumptions, reframe unhealthy attitudes about money, and figure out the best path for your unique financial journey.”

—Lynnette Khalfani-Cox, The Money Coach(R), author of the New York Times bestseller, Zero Debt: The Ultimate Guide to Financial Freedom

Hey girl, I’m Paris!


My childhood story isn’t uncommon. I grew up in a single-parent home with a phenomenal mother who, despite her best intentions, struggled to make ends meet. I dreamed of going to college and working my way out of poverty.

The crazy part is what happened next. I actually landed a full scholarship to Harvard University and wound up earning two degrees there!

Yet, despite all of my hard work and good fortune, I still found myself drowning in debt, earning less than I was worth, and feeling broker than ever by the time I turned 30.

So I set out to find a better way, and ended up turning things around big time…

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